I will Smile…

a day will come and I will smile

like I never did before

without the fear of tomorrow

from my broken heart and faded dreams

through pains and the numbness of my body

knowing its time and its alright

to let the past gone and hope of tomorrow

though I will carry the memories within

of dear friends that resided with me

accounting of the goals and achievement obtained

and slowly to sigh as the tears rolling down my cheeks

without regrets leaving everything behind

and close my eyes never to awake,,,

u know I will smile again


Written by Nancy Suleiman 


4 thoughts on “I will Smile…

  1. Been there…

    Still Standing

    I have weathered the storm.
    My foundation remains
    showing stains of once running water
    that had threatened to topple me.

    My framing
    tired and weary from the struggle
    has held.
    Although splintered and cracked
    I remain standing.

    My exterior showing wear
    that a new coat of paint
    cannot hide
    until the roughness is made smooth
    and the damaged replaced with new.

    The cost to repair so high,
    but the risk taken
    this house to bring to life
    was worth the gamble.

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