“Work without attachment.” Bhagavad Gita! Do not seek or ask for the fruits of your effort. Work as it it is your duty to do it. Ask yourself everyday ” If I didn’t get paid to do this, will I still be doing this ?” Do what you must. Do not seek what you can get out of it, rather how much can you give.It is in giving that one receives peace. Do not try to control, or to win or to horde. Do it because you really really want to do it. A man who seeks the fruits of his effort is forever caught in the trap of delusion, wanting and desires.

• A man should not care who gets the credits for it.

• A man should not care what money he will get for it in return.

• A man should not care what he gains out of it.

A man who gives up his own personal desires and thinks about the greater

good, will always enjoy his work. A man must work for the benefit of others and the society. He must use his skills for betterment of the society rather than to just serve

himself. Everyone born in this world, have been given a specific purpose. It is a man’s duty to find that out and complete it in the best possible way. He has also been given skills that will assist him the completion of his duty. By getting caught in the trap of desires he forgets his real duties. It is far better to fail in your own duty, than to do others duty.

Written by Prashant P. Shah (The Book on Life)


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