The Great Lie

I used to think that if a person is not educated, not attractive, accomplished or popular. He was just unlucky and was a second-rate person. Well this has ever been the great lie that has ever came into my mind.

A lot of people, mostly those who are of this generation we live in. Be it in love. business, official matters. people will start to judge you from your appearances and how you act forgetting that physical appearance does not describe a person.

we forget that life lies in commitment and energy person put to sustain their lives. We start selecting people to be with simply because they seem to be in our class. This is not how life should be lived.

Life is about serving us and help each other grow… What will you get when you despise others not being close to you because you think you are better than them? Despite having money and wealthy, life won’t serve you; we all have same life no matter what we try to distinguish ourselves.

So, serve the trouble, wake up and start living a purpose; The secret of life is serving others, keep up your health, have peace of mind and become what your were meant to be.

Start today before it’s too late


Written and Posted by Motivational Talks.


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