Save your day… Controll your Attitude

I was walking to the office morning, the city was crowded as people are busy going to their Jobs and some to their daily entrepreneurship businesses. As i was crossing the road, passes a lady who appears to a mum i considered because he touched a well dressed in uniform young child, i assumed she was her kid.

While crossing the road, the kid saw a white small stone that she got interested to have it so she bent to pick it up. Before she reached the stone, the lady started shouting, abusing the kid to be lame and nuisance to her beginning of the day. 

It got me thinking, “Why would a beautiful lady like her abuse a child like that? is she bothered, ? why so angry at her that morning” while the child was almost 4 to 6 years of age of which she could have not irritated her that much.

I couldn’t get an exact answer as to why she acted so angry to that poor kid. what clicked my mind was her attitude was not right that very morning.

Attitude is what makes and brings light to our day to day life, mostly Positive attitude. At times a very small thing in the morning might have ruined your whole day. Example; You wake in the morning having breakfast with your family before you go to the office as others go to school, unfortunately your last born drop a cup of coffee on your Trouser, what would you do if you were the victim?

Would you have Beaten and shout at your last born or Go and change for the bright day ?

Change your attitude, be understanding.


2 thoughts on “Save your day… Controll your Attitude

  1. What an article,love the way you just said it all.I believe the lady was not irritated by the child but she had things going on in her mind allready…At the end of the day,its all abot attitude,i gets to me sometimes

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