What i know is….

For ages i spent times in school seriously studying, believing it was the only way to redeem myself from so called “Poverty”. However, it was quite challenging because the intelligence of individual was assessed by examination, test and quizes that at the end of every lesson/ topic.
By then, i had no complain az it was all the system not until i came to realize that at some point that was not quite right. I mean look around.
It is suggested that during childhood ages, the ability of creativity is very hight and that is the time to realize what someone is capable of doing and be passionate about it.
Unfortunately… we were all put in under one carriculum that recruited us all to learn the same thing while growing up, i mean people have different talents and they could be their career.
What i know is education is widening the knowledge and prepare children to face the world when they grow up. Inspite of teaching them same thing while they have different talents after ending their times in school. I suggest creativity should be treated equaly with academic inteligence.


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