All that Glitters Aren`t Gold

written by Felix Massinda

My eyes were covered with a philosophy of beauty, forgetting that not all that glitters are gold. Every item pleasing my eyes were so precious to me leaving behind what we used to be, kind, honest, loving, caring, concerned, so sweet and helpful. I know we are all not perfect but the whole idea of globalization changed everything.

Our mind are so busy turning humanity into asset of which demoralize our behavior and at times turn us into monster indirectly. Look around, how many people have you ever been with in your life meaningfully? i.e. you treasure every minute you spent with them or you have just been with them because of what they have or they can provide to keep you going?

I am not saying everyone judges beauty with behavior or character, I am saying beauty isn`t enough to say s/he is good enough to make life commitment or money and pride isn`t enough to make you go along with other people.

We are living in the world where those who have live in the same world and those who don’t have their world as well. Those who believe they have it all will treat those who don’t have as nothing. Young beautiful/handsome people look for people with same status forgetting it`s not enough to make good living out of it.

Its time to realize the value of our life and not the physical judgment of anything pleasing to our eyes , its more than that, don’t treat people, siblings, spouse, friends, children as asset. We are all same. Money, Wealth, Beauty, Pride isn`t everything.

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