What I see in the Mirror…

Written by Felix Massinda

I wake every morning, trying to see myself through the mirror. Trying to see myself if that’s what other people say of me. Questions pop my mind, put myself in their shoes. What would they say of me when they have a chance to see me in the morning when I wake up?

Am I looking handsome/beautiful, chubby or does my character reflected in the mirror? Do people like me this way?

I know there are lots questions that run through people`s minds every morning and everyday about themselves. Some get annoyed by the image in the morning and spend a lot time reshaping it.

You might have different answers about yourself running in your mind, either you like what you see or you don’t, either way that will never change who or what you are.

People might be talking of you everyday but I find it unique,you become a role model in their lives that you make them spend their time talking about you.

So, its time to take your life positively, no matter how you look, you have a life, so go make a most of it, live it to the maximum, stop worrying whatever that wont make you happy and be yourself. Be the image you see because that’s you.

Posted by Motivational Talks


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