Fear of the Unknown

Have you ever been afraid to try something new? Why? Didn’t think you could do it or learn how to do it? May I suggest that we all have doubts and fears about our abilities and sometimes, we just choose not to try and stay with what we know. We choose to play it safe. And that’s okay, if that’s what you truly want.

But if you feel that need for more, maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s time to try something new. Maybe it’s time to give yourself the opportunity to grow and discover something deeper about yourself that will help you in life.

I hope the following stories and ideas will illustrate what others experienced and learned about themselves in the process.

If you choose to step out of your comfort zone, do it with the expectation of success.
I believe you can do it. You just have to believe you can do it too.


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