I Love You

Written by Felix Alex Massinda

A word

That changes people`s lives

Move them in different direction

Its lovely how many believe in fantasy

For few follow the wind that blows some in mysterious ways

Encourages people to know their abilities on the contrary does the same

Risks people`s live, saves some as well

Love or no love people sacrifices

Bundle of definitions

Everyone has one

Experience it gives

People to define

Along the embrace it

Regrets are part of love as well

Finding it

Is what moves the world

Spinning it in our hearts

For our mouth to praise it

For our minds to think of it

Reshaping life for better or worse

Its all it does the most

I love you

Soothes life

Removes pain

Takes away the worries

Loneliness becomes a dream

Attached to someone`s life

Believing that’s life

Ending it is the hard part of all

Loosing hope and change of ways

Best way of "I love you"

Is self preservation

Alone you love first

Then someone follows

Nothing will disturb

Let love find you

For honesty and loyalty to define your love

Posted by Motivational Talks


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