Written by Felix Massinda

I believed

As anyone could have believed

The life we have

belief that crossed my heart

A while ago before my birth

Before anyone`s life

Spirit over the land

Believed to live in our lives

Still alive we have ever been.

Searching for it is a mistake

Let it find you

And happy you will be

Stable you will seem to be

But finding it

Is a waste of time

And life as I can strongly suggest

You cant change the course of fate

As neither can I

But modify it in the sides you believe

It’s the only way

It might hurt you

Even destroy you

But it can save you as well

I didn’t find

It saved me

And I believe

The strong attachment

That freely flow

With blessing

And joy

Spirit of life and strength

By side of my smiles everyday

The reason to live it gives

And I find it exquisite

Posted by Motivational Talks


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