What Life Holds for Me…

Written by Felix Massinda

Our culture teaches us if we want something in life, we have to look for number one. They say life is a battle, a game, a race, a competition of which in way or the other I comply with this argument.

I remember in my primary education in school, when it came to examination results, few of those counted to have been in number one to ten were called out for gifts of which I pondered of it as scandalizing others who never got a chance. Teachers would stand in front of the students and start praising so called top ten students as the brightest students. I used to dislike the whole point of mentioning the top ten, that does not mean I was never called on the front.

Since then, I knew if you want something in life, you better work hard and aim for the number one. Everyone around are seen as competitors, be it friends, family members, co-workers, schoolmates. Bad enough the more they win the less the chances you get.

However, at times we try to appear generous and optimistic for others successes but inwardly, privately. So many are eating our hearts out when others achieve, they forget that someone`s achievement is the commitment and self will decision towards what they want to do. They will push you and give you speech to bust your self esteem forgetting their lives.

Every mind works independently to pursue the dreams but at times greatness comes to those who master the art of we. Working together and share ideas at times seem to be the best way to achieve the goals and move on.

True greatness will be achieved through minds that works together with common goal for common benefit.

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