Let Love Show You…

Written by Felix Massinda

love copy

Each of us is a bundle of emotions, behaviors, and potentialities, all of which we must accept and even love in order to achieve what in life so called “personal congruence,” the perfect alignment of our desires and values with our capabilities.

Love is the best thing that keep us moving forward though at times it is the same thing that holds us back from our dreams. I believe “People work perfectly.” Our specific thoughts, feelings, and actions have produced what we are today; by changing these “inputs” you will get different results—a different you and this can only be achieved if we positively use Love towards our dreams and not otherwise.

Love whatever that your doing and do it to the best, love those who love you and never ignore those who sacrifices their everything for you, Positively speaking, love can make you unleash the greatness within you and you will be surprised.

Let love flow in your veins and let it be in you heart, learn to follow your heart and do what makes you happy despite all the hardship and setback that may come your way. There is no honor in running away from love and not to do what you love because you are afraid to ruin your reputation, but there is honor in holding towards what makes you happy and be yourself because until then, you have something to live for. Many don’t have that, so Hold on to whatever it is that you love and do it to the best you can. Let love flow in you and let it show mightier thing you can do with your life, let it show you your capabilities and your potential.

" There is no success in hatred but in love"

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