It`s all i Ask…

Written by Felix Massinda

Ever been disappointed before… seeing life from negative point of view? ever been hurt and discouraged to the edge of giving your life for nothing? thinking of becoming a runner of life, just because everything you tempt to try fails bad enough you see no sign to prosper?

You don`t have to be scared anymore, how many times have you ever asked for something that really matters in your life and you don`t get it at once? Anything we do in this world needs courage and faith for all of us to move on. we might be good enough or smart enough to deserve all that we think we need to have, who said that some people deserve and some don`t? that`s where we go wrong in life.

If we are all human beings, who deserve better than someone else? we are all equal in life, we only needs to work so hard towards what we believe and have faith and courage to pursue them no matter the hindrances along the way. If you ask me, i will tell you, the time you want to give up, is the time you happen to be so close to success because its time when you either nearly or exactly know your fear that scares you to move on and its the time that you badly need faith and courage to  move on and discover the solution to your life and become successful.

There is no time to waste now, don`t count your life as a waste or a nuisance but rather discover how wonderful and unique it is. I ask you to have faith and courage to face your shadow and reflection of yourselves in a mirror because that`s what you have to start with for your successful life. Make it a new beginning.

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