Emotional Freedom

Written by Felix Massinda


Fear is the response to physical and emotional danger, if we didn’t feel, we couldn’t protect ourselves from legitimate threats, mostly we fear situations that are far from life-or-death. Yet exposing ourselves to our personal demons is the best way to move past them

Outmost in life/our lives are driven by decision that drives dreams and ambition that pushes our vision further, fear & insecurity are unknown which affects hardly our emotion to block our freedom to live.

At times, this might be so hard to understand the cause that affects us but in a long run when its all revealed out. Feeling of vulnerability and mistrust make us feel threatened by unfamiliar situation or people. This explains the development of racism, religious, hatred, intolerance, incompetency, Mistrust drives us to act defensive and always offensive to protect ourselves.

This always happen because deep within we do not have emotional freedom, whatever that we do have, we associate it with incompetency which rises our false emotion to make us feel we are not good enough. To free ourselves form incompetency and mistrust that block our emotional freedom, we need to accept ourselves the way we are. Before anyone else tells you that you are good enough or you worthy something, see that for yourself, don’t let people put fingers in your face and despise you or discourage you. Any living things in the world have their fears, identify yours, learn how to manage them and move on.

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