Chosen Path…

Written By Felix Massinda.

path chosen

As human beings, every single second that passes by, someone is making a decision of what his/her life will be, new business, opening a company, being an entrepreneur, a farmer, constructor, a teacher, getting married or whatever field that may be.

Mind you, whatever path you choose to success, you are never going to be alone, a competition is not an option. Different ways of doing what you are doing have been initiated even before you had the idea you are holding.

Let`s think together, take an example maybe you want to open a small business of selling fruit salad of which you have the product already in your hand and ability to purchase more fruits in the future, then you think it`s going to be a good business for you.

Before you take an action on taking it to the market, you find a place where you are going to do your business. Unfortunately in the same place you find another person doing the same business you are doing. Are you going to change your business or you going to do it anyway?

If you are focused enough, you are not going to change because that is the path you want to pass..

At times in life we step on other people`s foot step, do what others have done, live life that we think others have the same life.

The truth is, no matter how many people seem to walk on the path you have chosen, no matter how many footstep you see on the path you are walking through, no one will ever walk the same way you walk through.

The path you have chosen is your path no matter how similarities can be with other people`s path, but they will never make it through or handle it the way you will so keep moving forward and live your life. Never compare your life with others. Walk through your path and make meaning of your life, don’t wait for someone else to define it for you.

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