Verse of a Foolish Man

Written by Mynah Mbenda

Sometimes we need to take that moment and reflect in our lives..

Most of man (human) in this era don mind how many people they have that, slept with and not to mention how many they married and the kids they have out of marriage. Remember the 1st time u met that 1st lover, the feeling, it felt like magic. Time passed by, and you let that love die ,and it was over. And next you met another one, same feelings were felt, that magic rose again which leaves your heart racing like you were running a 100m race. And again, with time and misunderstandings, it died. This keeps on repeating, i don’t know how many times, but the question should be, has this become my life? What is life? those relationships are your failures, and wise people say FAIL simply means First Attempt In Learning..i guess that means it shouldn’t`t be a routine.. Anyone is capable of falling in love with anyone. As long as that magical feeling is felt, love has risen.. and you got to make it work, cultivate it, it needs to be.. work out your problems while still small, don`t let them pile up.. Look into your life, how many ex’s do you have already? do u want that number to increase? The way you lead your life, is the way the next generation will read your life.. if it were to be written in the bible, what kind of story will it be..? A Foolish Man maybe..? Well, it`s never too late to change it, as long as you are still alive, change it to A Foolish Man Became Wise, how will that be.. a story parents will enjoy reading to their children, a story that gives hope, a story that makes you, a story that is Your Story.. it`s possible, start now.. reflect


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