What I love about Surprise… you turned out surprised.

Written by Felix Massinda


Today 16th May 2013, Its quite a memorable day when I decided to make exquisite visit to one of the greatest blogger who always rise my appetite as I am very slow in eating. As my plans started well in the morning when I left my place thinking how my surprise will be.

You all know that time when you intend to surprise someone with the visit thinking you will find them unprepared and yet it turns out on the contrary?

this is what happened, I once told Tolly Ben I would pay a visit one day and I decided to day to be a day unfortunately I found her so prepared.

She told she is always ready, so those who intends to visit her unprepared, don’t she is always in the Kitchen

This is what I had today








Lastly I had a well home made Juice and my midmorning tea was perfect,.

I provide you with a link if you want to get a lot more of food and nutrients help visit Tolly Ben you will have more.


My Beautiful Day’; Thanks to Tolly.



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6 thoughts on “What I love about Surprise… you turned out surprised.

  1. Reblogged this on TOLLYzKITCHEN and commented:
    Thank you Felix.I love it when you try giving me a surprise visit and the way you end up being surprised.ha ha haaa!next time just tell me your comming..its always cooking in here….halooooooooooooooooooooo!

  2. can i be surprised too,felix since when have you started going to such tea party and you dont invite me and my appetite for goodies.

  3. I love cookies but these look different from those I am used to, may you advice the recipe please

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