Why Live in the Past?

Written by Nancy Suleiman


Why is the past tempts to agonize our present and future is it the moments or the changes once lived tend to stop a part of our life into a halt…..?? it`s your choice to live as a new person or still living in the past…some past are very painful that turns us into monsters that we hate everything around us and having a negative attitude to everyone such attitude, memory, moments or even the events should be left in the past cause it blocks the breakthrough of you to become, it blocks our future, it gives shadow to our present and resulting to unbearable person in the society…

You can say u don’t mind and it`s your business to live such a painful, low, ashamed or even unwanted life.. but the truth remains no one was created to suffer.no one was born in this world to have a terrible life and if you think life is unfair to you then you should know that all that is happening to you no matter the problem, troubles and temptations.. they happens to you because your strong enough to overcome them and stand through them all….try to put yourself into someone`s else shoes and you will see how different and difficult it would be if u live his life and how miserable he will be if he lived yours……so let the past remain in the past clear the past and start new relationship, work, business and be the new you….the past stands as the experience and builder of our better future by learning through the mistakes and cherishing the moments you live.

Go out there, become you and live you to have you in yourself control for the rest of your life.

Posted by Motivational Talks


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