Happy Mother`s Day

happy mothers day

Written By Felix Massinda

As a man

a lot might agree

have been so hard to understand

the heart of a woman

is composed of

I have had scenarios

that I could not explain

sometimes I shut down my feelings

and let my mind dominates

they never do that

I have given up on so many things

she never have on me

have done so much worse on her

some I don’t even remember

she never leave me

always by my side

“You can do better than that”

are her words to me

always know what to say

at a time I badly need to hear

The true heart and love

you hold in your heart

makes you unique

now and forever more

I can not pay enough

to compensate the love

and tender care you have given to me

I can only Ask God to give millions blessing to come your way

make you healthy

and strong to overcome

I love you and always will

doesn’t matter what comes my way

you are the only true woman in my world

always you will be

I love you so much Mother

Happy Mothers` Day

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