There is nothing to Fear than Fear itself.

Written by Nancy Suleiman

We normally encounter fear in many times in our lives

From recognition, how do i look , am i proper, do i look fat, do i have something on my face which goes to the question why are they staring at me, are they laughing at me and sometimes asking question to one self as surely i feel they are talking about me………..

Fear from success, ohh it`s the exam again will i fail again, what will happen if i fail, am i so stupid, am i reading the right material why do my colleague seems to know a lot more than me, will i pass, will the exam be tough, mhh i think the teacher doesn’t like me?

Fear from commitments, will this relationship work, what if i mess up, is she/he the right-one for me? am i too much? may be am demanding too much? does she truly loves me and for who i am or she got her on interest? what if she breaks my heart? what are the chances of our future? no i cant i don’t think this will work late me wait again, it`s too painful?

` Fear from achievements, this include work, personality into what you want to become, interview in works get a person to lose a job planned for him struggling with the mind will i get this job, the applicants are many, the company seems to have a lot of competition i think I’ll get fired soon?

Fear of trying to do the best simply there others capable in doing the best than you, fear of not trying to take a risk in investments and different business what if it won`t work this is ridiculous my friends will laugh at me? what if the money won`t come back no i cant i will hold to my current position it will hold me i guess….

These kind of fears makes us to not become the ideal person we want to be or better yet the examples and the best role model to family members and friends and even outsiders by the way we look, appearance, performance, and even abilities controlled by the fear in mind that we are not good enough or capable enough to stand for others, It be the example and even change to some of the people the fear within close our chances in overcoming challenges resulting to suicidal attempts and they also block our chances in different opportunities of life. Hence never enjoying what life can give us and mostly the beauty of mother nature, we all have purpose in this life you won`t know you`re purpose until you try, stand up for yourself, believe in yourself, speak out your thoughts, be creative, accept the challenges, find meaningful solution, accept who you are, be brave and have confidence no matter what and you will see the world is not a bad place to be….

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