A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Written by Felix Massinda

The first step is the hardest… but does this mean we have to give up?

The accomplishment of life has to be fought for, Ask all those whose lives are successful and they will tell you what road they have gone through before they have stood on their feet. if you long to succeed in your life, you must commit yourself to endure every hardship that comes your way, to commit that no matter what rough road you have to go through, you wont slow down.

We face a lot pain I understand, there are two kinds of pain we encounter always, the pain of discipline and regret. whenever we start the new venture of life to pursue towards our goals in life we face pain that might stop us from going, that might discourage us because it might be a new experience we have never tried in our lives before such as hard work, sacrifice, zero budget, feeling of loneliness

At times as well we fail along the way, so that leads us to start again over and over, due to failing we blame ourselves not to be good enough, trying to compare ourselves with other successful people counting them as the only bright people who deserves better and not us at all. we end up stuck in the world of painful, stress, depression, regret. we even forget who we are and what dreams we have had before.

When you really need to make change in your life, you should stop focus on negative side of life and put IF at the beginning of your sentences and yet start with “I CAN” This will give you energy and make you be more focused to your dreams and fight positively towards what you believe in.

So today, start that project, make that call, do what you need to do to begin. Here’s a guarantee: If you work through a little pain, you’ll see a little progress. at the end you will see it all falling into your hands and that’s when you will realize the effort you had made were not for nothing.

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