Learn to Accept your Life…

By Felix Massinda.

I have actually seen many people from different status of life yet they seem to live happily. Life that people wake up in the morning working hard to secure their food and home for their family.

It`s not been much of a problem to the life that people appreciates the little they have, be it living a normal life, having the best moments of their lives. Together they work, laugh, help each other, be there for one another.

The life that you live is the most expensive thing in the world, there is no any other place that you will be able to purchase life not until God the almighty grant you eternal life, so why complain to everything in your life? Why trying so hard to fit in while your life has fit in your life long time ago since birth?

Struggles to make life better are allowed, making your life better for you not for people around you to show them that you worthy fitting in. if they haven`t seen for you who you are, then will never see that no matter what you have.

There comes a time we need to appreciate the time in life when we have our own selves not forced to become someone else, remember no matter how hard we try to be someone else that someone we think of being will never breath for you. As long as you can breathe you will never be someone else.

Learn to live your life and appreciate it, focus on making it better and live good life rather than wasting your time proving to others that you worthy being in their lives. Appreciate your life, no one will appreciate it for you. Be happy.

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