It`s not Love that you want…

Sadly, many of us in time come to realize that we have or we are about to waste our time for some eye feeling that can lately break our hearts into pieces.

As the world moves around the cycle of development and everything gets digital, we forget what our heart really are made off and jump into the digital as well. Remember feelings influenced by the outside world will never conquer our happiness forever. Let me ask you a question, I believe everyone who reads this post have ever bought any item that you loved for real or you longed so much time to have it, be it a car, shoes, IPad, Computer, New Phone? But in time you come to love another item of the kind because you have had it now another one has caught the fancy of your eyes and you want to buy another one because you love it.

This is what happen in the real world, same kinds of desires lead a lot people into heart broken and sadness, some even risk their lives for losing someone they think or they have truly loved. This happens when we get out there looking for someone to love and not to let that true feeling from your heart tell you.

I believe due to this, it`s not love that we want in this world its external influence of beauty that we are hardly looking for and we are wrong about it. We call desire love and at the end we can`t define what love is.

Its Self that we need to find, we need to know our true colors and needs of our life. Ask yourself what do you want, what are your daily needs, do they worthy time wasting? How many times have you fall in and out of love, was it really the love you wanted or just the influence of Beauty from the outside world? You love someone because s/he looks good and not because you truly need that someone. You love someone because you need wealthy and respect from the society, is that what you want and sadly you call it love? We turn love into different definitions such as desire, expectations, wealthy, respect and much more.

We need to find ourselves before we fall in love so I suggest we stay low until our hearts are ready. Don’t allow heart breaks, despise into your life. Find happiness and your true self to move on happily. Put a smile in your face and move on. It`s your life, make it count.

By Motivational Talks


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