Alone under the Road

Alone under the road I walk

My bear feet started choosing sides to step

Thorns and pavements

Caught my attention to decide

Movements of people both sides of my sight

Puts in the middle of no side

What road am I walking on

That alone see sides

Others don’t even care

What I hold can`t give me an answer

Life I thought I could have sits on the fence

But I can`t do same

My journey needs a name

That I can`t think off

No! is what I say

I choose no name no side

The road I walk in is side I own

The mind I have

Is the answer of my questions

The road I walk in

Alone I never care

The wind of sunny blue ocean

Cant strike me in all seasons

Alone under the road

Loud I shout

Alone in my fantasy

Reality I create

Together we step

Despite the ground we see

We all step to stand

Written and Posted by Motivationaltalks [Felix Alex Massinda]


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