A Tear ( Part 1)

Currently this morning I was having  a chit chat with one of my friend lives in Botswana called Myna Mbenda . We discussed about poem writing and lastly we suggested to write a poem titled A tear. We both had to write. After she sent me hers and I sent her mine, she said mine was better than hers and I disagreed because hers was so moving, surprisingly it is her first poem ever.

So I decided to post it here for you my readers to help me tell her how good she is in writing. your comment will raise her esteem in writing. Here is her Poem titled A Tear.

Hurt always is where he steps

Sting inside my eyes I feel

A mist in my eyes I see

I know this steps very well

I try to fight him but I loose

His steps grow faster

And my eyes he fills

This step I know very well

Then I let go

He flows down my chicks

In the ground he rips

Now my eyes can see clearer

I let go of fear

This is my last fear

A tear I usually hate

A tear brought by fate

I know this step very well

PS. I call it A tear (part 1) because I will send mine as part two soon later.

By Motivationaltalks


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