Counted Days of Living…

Coughing continuously

Weak are my bones

Shrinking is my skin

Skinning I become

Alone I become

Tempting death I try

Liability I become

Red stain on a white cloth

As clear as sun rays in the morning

Cry of sons and daughter

Curse my counted days of living

Hard to describe the weight

As low as month old children

While as old as my own self

Hunger attack my family

As weaker I become to produce

Care far to follow

Tired are my legs to find

Biased is my life to face

Siblings calls me names of death

My grave is so welcoming

For my self to drug into

Disappear is my name

When no one care my presence

My words dies in me

Avoid the bed I lie on

For better meaningful self

My name is wild

Leisure is my home

My breath is fire

Contaminated by idleness

My steps are thorns

Easy trampling

My sweat is poison

Humble to have

Its end is hurtful

For one to live in compound.

Written and Posted by Motivationaltalks


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