Noisy Whispers

At 0200 hours midnight, wind blowing outside, I could feel it hardly pushing trees with groaning sound enough to wake me up, heavy eyes could not open. Heavy rain started to strike, it led me back to heavy sleep, didn’t actually know how sleep took me. I slept( you can imagine moments you have a quick pass out enough to loose your conscious)

I started to fall in a dream land, this time it was so irritating because it was real life taking it into normal daily life we live. I started walking in streets that afternoon with my friend cracking jokes together and discuss life, but this street wasn’t really normal because people were very open talking about us, discussing about us two. I pretended not to care at all.

Next morning, woke up to school, (mind you still in a dream) I heard my neighbor’s whispering a lot words about me. Pretended not to care at all. One weekend tried to play this mind game trying to be nice to one of my neighbor living next door, talking, making stories and try bringing her close to me so I can know what`s really going around out there about me.(We all know when we pretend to be nice to someone aren`t we?)

Few weeks later, she approved my friendship to be real and she started whispering to me again secretly telling me not to tell anyone, you know such kind of behaviors right? Yes you do, telling me people talk about me, a lot of disgusting words, that I am so self centered, I cant live with any of my neighbor as they are not of my type, they say I even take people who come visit in my place because they don’t worth entering my house. I cant marry because I cant make babies, I take people for granted, that’s the reason I cant have any of them because I look for those with money to help me have a life that can close my secrets. Actually these allegations broke my heart.

Unfortunately before I actually asked who is responsible, I heard a lot of noises coming into my ears telling me all I have heard repeatedly. Lastly I heard one big voice of all telling me, I don’t have to care at all.

I don’t have to care at all was the last word I remember from my noisy whispering dream that took my sleep last night.

The lesson I actually have is, in life, no matter what good you do to people or to yourself, people will never stop talking behind your back because when they see you succeed and they are not, they feel jealous, they need to be you and they cant see you succeed.

There is only one way to live a happily, life is a gift every one has, live it fully under your terms and not under what pressure people bring in your life. Its time to start living your life because that’s what will make you be who you wanna be and not other wise. They talk about you, let them talk, by the time they finish, you are way far from them for them to even come closer.

Don’t ever let people put fingers in you face and you let them. Be your own manager and move on.

Written and Posted by Motivationaltalks [Felix Massinda]


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