Making the Leap

When we contemplate change (having a baby, quitting a job, taking a

year off) we make protestations to ourselves that “everybody” will think

I’m an idiot, “everybody” will hate me. This is terrifying—until we come

to understand that “everyone” is composed of just a few people, some

maybe not even still alive. Psychology describes this as the “generalized

other.” Beck, for instance, took a long time to realize that merely to get

her father’s approval she was writing in the unnecessarily dry style of an

academic journal when she should have been using everyday language.

Once we see that there are in fact millions of points of view on

everything, we can no longer be beholden to an imaginary everybody,

and are free to pursue what we feel to be right. Always remember, Beck

says, that the social self is programmed to avoid danger, even if it’s an

illusion. By following your dreams, on the other hand, you will develop

a new and positive relationship with fear.

Written by MARTHA BECK posted by Motivationaltalks {Felix Massinda}


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