The law of giving

Have you ever noticed that the more you give, the more you receive?
Why does this seem infallible? Chopra says it happens because our
minds and bodies are in a constant state of giving and receiving with
the universe. To create, to love, to grow keeps the flow going; not to
give stops the flow and, like blood, it clots. The more we give, the more
we are involved in the circulation of the universe’s energy, and the more
of it we will receive back, in the form of love, material things, serendipitous
experiences. Money does makes the world go around, but only if
it is given as much as it is received.
If you give, give joyfully. If you want to be blessed, silently bless
people by sending them a bundle of positive thoughts. If you have no
money, provide a service. We are never limited in what we can give
because the true nature of humankind is affluence and abundance.
Nature provides everything we need, and the field of pure potentiality
provides the intelligence and creativity to produce even more.


Written by DEEPAK CHOPRA and Posted by Motivationaltalks


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