Mother`s Love.

There was a time in my childhood I used to hear mother`s love is an endless love, I never though twice for I did not know the meaning of it literary, I enjoyed life in the way I could.

Whatever I have ever needed, my parents were always there, what could I have thought negative of them? Life was so sweet.

I came to grow up and see what women go through, how capable they are to solving problems and how patient they can. I have a Loving Mom so it helps.

Few days ago, Tanzania celebrated women`s day, they promoted different statement to help women realize the value they bring into the society. How strong and helpful they are. Despite the goods, they also advocated the eradication of Women Violence, Inequality, and women`s right as well.

We have different cultures I understand, ever since ages that our grand, grand fathers lived I have read, women were served as servant in the community, they had no voice to whatever reason that might be.

I do not think its appropriate to still practicing same old culture that led to oppression, mistreatment, Violence in the society. When I think the trouble my mum had gone through to rise me to where I stand today, I would give anything to make her happy forever.

Its time to realize the value of your mum( I believe everyone has/had one) appreciate the contribution they have made in your life, the life they had sacrificed for you in your childhood probably when you couldn’t make anything right. The trouble you gave them and yet, they stand by you today

Its no time to practice the history and follow what happened, its time to stand and prevail love, say no to violence, inequality, oppression and make the world the better place.

"Mum you’re the sweetheart of my life, no one is going to take that away from me."


by Motivationaltalks


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