i was  abandoned

i was left

my life has been put into  chaos

my decisions

my life

my steps

my talks

haven`t been outstanding ever since

i made mistake

i faced hell

i had no one

i had no affection

i had no love

you  came along

gave me hope


motivated me

pull me up whenever i went down

gave me trust

affection that carries my heart away

its you whom i adore

its  You whom i love

its You whom i wanna spend the rest of my life with

its You whom i give my trust, loyalty and my love

its You whom my heart have chosen to live with

Your the queen of my heart

and i give it all to you

its tender care and love that i give for the rest of our lives.


Written by Felix Alex Massinda

By   Motivationaltalks


6 thoughts on “MY LOVE

      • You want to know “how to realize whether you are in love with someone”???? Its easy-
        Have you ever felt that eerie feeling when you start something and in the middle your mind wanders away to something totally different? Everything you do seems to bring that person’s memories in your mind. Everything seems very dreamy and mystical. You feel pained to be away from that person even for a moment. Life feels colorful when that person is around…. You feel like talking to that person all the time… And many more such symptoms suddenly appear.. 😀 Yes I do love someone…

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