I hear…

I hear the voice in me that derives me loyal, the voice that has always been and will always be by my side. Showing the path I am supposed to pick, telling me what`s right or wrong. Taking courage to mightier things, go out there be a hero

I hear it screaming since I was in my mothers womb, telling me to be smart and loyal, telling me truth was the only key to my happy life, directing me to the peak of all dreams and make choose the best.

Yet that wasn’t all it said me, it sacrificed its love and life for me, all of its time with me all my life, encouraging and motivating me when I was down to give up everything and become a looser, it never let me be.

I hear it screaming out loud at me " You are not a coward, why do you have to let yourself diverge from your faith? Why do you have to question life, do you even where it comes from? Why do you have to let pain be part of you, why do you let people put fingers in your face and control your life? Why are you so attached to promises that break your heart? You even rate yourself so low….

Its not who you are anymore, this is not you, you were born a winner, you were a person who could dare have his life without any fear, decide what is right and what is wrong, take a punch of life and sustain it to the end of the road. You inspired people by your action, why loosing now?

I hear the voice that tells me I will never fail, gives me courage that I am strong enough to start a new beginning.

I hear it forbid me to betray myself towards pursuing my dreams and it promises to stand by me forever. It has given me and taught me the true meaning of friendship.

We are strong, very strong to have the world in our hands, just decide, realize what you want to do and make it happen. Every one is able to stand firm.

By Motivationaltalks


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