Rise above the limits…

One of the worst moment ever in life is where you have a feeling that people despise you over millions of reasons you don’t know, taking you for nothing where you live,  nothing you do that wont rise debates in the society. You have nothing to worry about.

In life, nothing you do is perfect in the eyes of those around you, it doesn’t have to take years for you to rise because you are scared to go for what you want knowing it will go about the streets and make headlines on the news papers. The questions is, why do you care so much over what people talk about you?( that is incompetency), why would you care about what they think of you? Trust me, no matter how many people we get along with nicely; its hard to tell if they mean the relationship or they are just attached to us for several reasons that they know, they might be attached to you because they know they will have whatever they want from you. Some only need you when they have problems knowing “you are always there”. Sometimes we expect so much from those we care and at the end when you come to realize they don’t take it they way you? you get hurt.

It is the moment we all have to know what we worthy, living the life we want to is the only better decision that you wont regret instead of attaching your life to some things that wont guarantee your happiness at the end. I am not saying we should not expect from our friends, I am saying we should know what we want and get over it. If something you love, want, badly need doesn’t come into terms with you, let it not take you away from you dreams. One more important point to note “Do not attach your future to anyone” because the future is in our hands not to any ones` hands.

Despite having whatever kind of life we have, be it good, poor, rich. it doesn’t matter we all face depressions sometimes, expecting a lot from friends, family or listen to what other say about us and sometimes we forget who really are or what we want and live in their lives.

Its time to act and live your life, The future we want is in our hands, not to any one else. You can rise above heavens and live your life happily.

From Motivationaltalks



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