Hear me Out

Life has so many faces in , sometime we are supposed to do plastic surgery to cop with the face we choose to live with for the rest of our lives. Sometimes after choosing the face ( I know it happens) we tend to get attempted by other faces assuming they are more beautiful than what we have chosen.

Every one, no matter how young/old we are, we have different faces, however we all have to live accordingly to what we have.

I understand sometimes we have so many reasons to change and that’s the reason why some choose to run away, give up, try to choose another face : remember ” No matter how beautiful faces we all choose, all will get old and the beauty will all disappear”

We have to be very careful when deciding what to do with our life, act smart and choose well, whatever we choose and commit ourselves in will stay in our way for the rest of our life.

Now! We ( my readers and I,) would like to hear you out, what face have you chosen, meaning; What kind life have you chosen and what have you passed through to make it work, no matter all the hardship.

Tell us your testimony towards achievement you have had in life and you are proud of it. Tell us by commenting.


By Motivationaltalks


One thought on “Hear me Out

  1. After I completed my Advanced Level education had obstacles towards my education, my relatives ( some of them) suggested I stop for a year then I continue, i decided not to, I chose to move on with school alone without enough support, I moved on until now I have graduated.
    Life is all about you, others will only help you think what`s right and what`s not right, the last decision is always yours.

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