Devious Mouth…

scary dreams

scares joys

heart calls

listens debts

paying sounds dumps wealth

Grabs cents

that buys

affection kills

slowly smiling at death

age differently

with my physical appearance

slowly I dime

scents in my heart

still I hold, hoping to change

saying says the saying

whoever that might be

its free of friends to counts

the wrong friends to hide

truth is cheap, though I buy at great expense

borrowed words cost my stinky mouth

bad person is all I get

reaction defines my slavery

still I hold hoping to change

Comrades I love

when they lie my truth

paying the soul

costs hell screaming to save

freezing stinking mouth

is all I am called of

shut up stinky, rip my heart in out

i rather inking for my rumpus words

painting my life out

that’s when i stop mouthing.

Unpleasant odor is my middle name.

By Motivationaltalks


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