I love you…


Clears my throat in clouds

White as my snow

Saving my heart for us

Save it with your soul

Chemistry that binds

No glue to unglue the truth

I love you for my heart colors change

With you life is precious

With you love is light

Times of hardship

You carry me

Time of arguments

You calm my anger

Times of misunderstanding

You down to solve

A far call you make

Cleansing my heart out

As close as we are

No matter the length of the rope

You pull me close

And that’s what makes me love you more

You give me your shoulder to lean on

Not only times I need you most

Your words moves me younger

With honesty hug

That breathes me hard

Mistakes never wrong us

For perfection is to be found

Wrong path matters not

For together we find a way

Blaming is not us


Is a building block

Your love is a treasure

That I protect for eternity

Forgiving and forgive

A product of serving hearts

True and pure

Despite the loops

Incoming push we overcome

Breaking threat not welcomed

For we a china`s wall

Stronger we grow

Younger we become

Loving you is my life

For I never loved you enough

And forever I shall.

By Motivationaltalks


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