Once upon a time, I ever thought growing up was the best outcome of life, getting to school, having a home, getting a job, having friends around. That’s life, I didn’t think , there is much more to a grown up person though I must say it was what I thought

A bet of a life time is to be as successful as it can ever be. This is exactly what everyone`s mind is struggling to find. Work hard and hard, perform better in the job, get promoted, having own life is a free soul call I thought I would make it when I grow up.

I never thought there is more to that, that will challenge you to think better to strategize again, to come up with something better to boost my dreams. It all started with a wink to success.

Out here things are not what I thought it would be, challenges, problems, misunderstandings, jealous, hypocrisy, blackmailing, sacrifices, Failing on the process, being burn out. All this will face you to man up, to stand up and say I am to experience.

However, I came to realize, no matter how many like those I have to face wont be a problem if I decide to do it from now, all challenges I will overcome as long as I am alive

The better future starts right now with a choice, not just a choice but a better choice to success, the future is in your hands, just find a safe garden to plant the seed to grow healthy.


By Motivationaltalks


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