“Its Complicated…”

It’s a word many those who are in a relationship use it when they pick a fight or misunderstanding with their partners. The question I always ask myself is why things get complicated. Why the two who once were happy together get things complicated between them?

Some might say, I don’t understand why things change between us, I mean literary change, s/he used to care, love me truly, Do things I mean crazy things when we are together but they are all gone. S/he used to call many times a day but s/he might or might not call now days a whole days.

The truth is we choose what to complicate in love and what not to complicate, we need to know the time for everything, sometimes things get complicated because we expect our partners to so much for us while the chances are so little to open up, Sometimes we tend to ignore little things that mean a lot in a relationship, sometimes we tend to reduce things we cant control for personal safety, or at times we tend to hide things we think it might hurt the other, well it might be a good idea but think of the consequences when he truth come out.

Things get complicated when the two of you expect it to be different, every one with his/her choices. There is so much to complicate the relationship and some might even lead to break ups.

The only way people can be together for long, its when both of you get to know each other well, what are the dos and don’ts. You need to learn how to forgive and understand each other, not every day is the same, some day things might get rough, but why would you complicate it? Understand what your partner wants and why, be open to one another no matter how the situation might be, speak out what bothers you out and look for the way out both of you. Learn what your partner wants and make hi/her happy, its not always too personal, if you involve selfishness in love, trust me, your relationship will always be complicated.

To those who wants to end up their relationship right now while reading this post, Think why did you start it in the first place? What did you need to get out of it? Why cant you keep things working? And why do you want to end it? Because every thing need a try to make things work, you might loose courage at times but if you truly loved your partner why end it? Does it not worthy anymore? If you think you cant move on at all, then let it go but you get hurt ending it that means you still love the person, don’t end it, you will regret.

Not only relationships get complicated, every things get complicated at times, Have the courage to work things out, though at times we need to know when to let things go. Love your partner each day like your love is renewed every day. Give him/her reasons to love you every day.

By Motivationaltalks


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