Don’t Expect Too Much of Something

I understand life can suck sometimes but we all have a choice in the end, one of the thing I have learnt in life, no matter how experienced and good you are at something you always do or have always been doing, never expect to much out of it.

Sometimes, we set our goals right to the end, seeing the very lined road to success, no any blockage, its all clear,,, you get attached to your feelings much than the reality out there. We forget what other situation might come in between, its possible… In the end the results changed a little bit and we become furious and hurt so much because that’s not what we expected or wanted to have in the long run.

Sometimes we have to do things differently, learn the tactics, ways of doing things perfectly though at times we cant get 100% but do it to the very best.

Never let your feelings or expectation lead you out of reality, "The stone out of hand, cant hit a bird on a tree" celebrate when you have it all in you.

That’s the only way we can live life Happily, Work hard, Don’t be so much excited by the way things are, but by the way you manage to work things out and move on strongly. Life is too short, Never Give up when things are not exactly perfect, move on and find ways to make them perfect and move on. That’s the way we can achieve big and mighty things.

By Motivationaltalks


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