It`s 14th February

For years people call February the month of love because of Valentine Day, the day many of us need to spend it happily with their beloved ones and to show love to them be it parents, friends, siblings girl/boyfriends. Its indeed the day when red color covers the world when everyone wears red cloths to that they care.


As this years` Valentines fall in the week day meaning that employees will celebrate it in the offices, student in schools and some on their fields of expertise. This should not limit you to have fun and show love to your beloved, those who are so dearly to you.

You can take cookies/Brownies for your coworkers is a pleasing and safe option to celebrate it with workers, it spells generalize, not intimate full of thoughts

Take time to celebrate it with your family as well, if you live away from home take time to talk to them show them that you care and love for them is concrete, do the same to colleagues and friends around you, if you get time, send them email, phone messages to tell them how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

I understand that those like us in a relationship tend to celebrate this day with those they love, it’s a good thing and it brings so much happiness between the two of you. Plan to do something different, go out with your love, change environment and show him/her how much you care and love, however, this should not only be on the valentines day but also everyday to make your love stand firm and lovely for the rest of the days you live together despite the misunderstanding that may occur sometimes, Learn to appreciate your partners effort in love and understand each other, with these tips, your love will cherish not only on valentines but for the rest of your life.


Those who have no love partners, this day should not be the day for you to look for someone to fall in love with simply because its valentines, you wont really fall in love but you will have it for a day and that’s all, find a way to make it useful, you can hang out with your friends or visit the orphanage show them love that they had lost.

You can also use the day to forgive and start afresh with your life, it’s the day of love to your beloved why hate?

Besides, its crazy to chain an emotion as beautiful as love in a single day called Valentine, Like age, Love is a state of mind, there come a day when you would want to make your partner feel special in millions way be it on her birthday, or just any other special day, Expressing love at such time adds value in your relationship rather doing it simply because the whole world is caught up in the spirit of love on Valentine`s is a far better proposition


If this Valentine`s, you don’t have something special to do with your partner, do other important things in your life and understand Valentine`s day exists because of love and not other way round. Don’t be caught up doing something special if your heart is not into it. Your love does not have to show itself extravagantly . Just ensure you don’t ignore you partner on February 14th and promise to make him/her something special when it really matters.

By Felix Alex Massinda.


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