I Teach You


I teach you and I will teach you

How to scream in a midnight

How to beam in a day light

Sailing in a bayou

Making friends with dwellers

I will teach you my town people


I will teach you how to laugh

Because crying is what we have through

A dry path of tears on your cheeks

Will soon be cleaned and forgotten

Pretending to fake happiness with groans inside

Will teach you how to neglect the pain


Teaching you is the best way I can do

Living in the bayou,with lots of creatures

How to cope and fight all the bad dawns

My theory do not stand long but yours will

Need you to stop killing each other silently

Need to come over and live with it


I will finally teach you how to perform the final funerals

To kill all the past behind you

Cut all the dry trees and grass

Start a fresh and have a new beginning

Hiding the future in your hands

Is what you all admired


I am teaching you to live together

Fight together for eternity

No looking down on the ground

Up in the sky is where we set our eyes

Flying up will be the way of burying our damn bad past

Start a new life on the sky

I`m teaching you how to love one another

I`ll keep teaching you my steps.

By Felix Alex Massinda


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