Redeem Yourself

We are all surrounded by different people in our societies, optimistic pessimistic as well, I agree, however sometimes we all feel uncomfortable with the circumstances, that give us a reason to find a way out of it.


I once had a friend whose family was not stable enough to provide him with everything he ever needed for his needs, he had a lot of questions why it was happening, why was he so crowded with a lots of misfortunes ( I wouldn’t call it misfortune though) He used to get distracted so easily.


Life was so hard on him, he dared to give up sometimes, thinking he did not worthy anything on earth as nothing worked out on him. I took him to town one weekend to have a walk with him, we both left college around 1000hrs on Saturday, While we walked around the street we came across a crippled beggar asking for money that morning.


The an idea clicked my mind that if a crippled person who might not even have a place to sleep, no one to talk to or help him is still struggling to make his life useful why not him?

We started discussing what makes him feel inferior and life in total, I remember we talked about being content with whatever little we have, life is much easier when we examine our dreams and align our life with the realities, if I don’t have the ability to have three meals a day, or I cant have elegant clothes to smart me up in front of friends. That does not matter, having materials like cars, good house, money, or whatever that pleases a man. That is not the real meaning of life, Life is to be happy with whatever little we have and to be contented with the little. No one is ever poor, we might be defined as underprivileged in front of people physically yes but if your mind is as rich as now and we still collect treasures into our mind then poverty is a dream into our life.( I did not know where I got these words as far as I remember, but this is what we talked and I told him) Lastly we all agreed on each other that life is about being happy and content. Few weeks later, he got up strongly, he studied hard until we all graduated well.

Today, I talk to you my readers, We can not force to have everything in life, never compare yourself with anyone out there, find the true meaning of your life and hold on to that, life is so much easier when we appreciate what we have and work on making our life better.


To be redeemed is to really find the purposes in life, put God first in your every activity you do, pray hard, ask God to help live a life that is meant for you, redeem yourself first and God will do the rest.

By Felix Alex Massinda


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