Power of Negative Thinking…

Well before I start writing more on negative thinking, I think its much better if we all think what negativity means; Negativity is the limit of mind to make better decision, is the source of poverty, problems, it is a barrier to development be it personal or national. It is a tending to have pessimistic outlook.

We are essentially what we think we are. All of the great religions,philosophers attest to this fact. If we take chances to think we are not good enough, poor, ugly, stupid then your mind you are, meaning you set your mind to comply with the decision obviously you wont be able to be otherwise. If you think you wont have assets materials, you probably wont, if you think you wont have a date, you definitely wont have one, if you think you wont win or succeed, then all the dreams become fairytales.

There comes a time we think we are the disgrace to life, we are cursed because we don’t exactly get what we want in life or because people around us have all you think they need in life. Because you lower yourself to them , because you compare yourself with others and that discourages you to the point you curse yourself that you cant be like them or you wont succeed. that’s a great lie.

You and I know we need to think differently, All people around us whom you think they have better life or whatever situations that we think we cant be there, No matter what we want in life its ours to take, just make up your mind and be positive.You can achieve great things even those that you once thought they are so demanding to achieve, set your mind to it and work upon it.

We are all capable of being whatever we are want to be in life, but that verdict doesn’t start with another person but with yourself. Grab the side of positivity, that’s the path to our ambitions and dreams we have ever had and still making them, it is the light to enlighten us in trouble, it is the courage to encourage us during ups and downs. Depart from negativity side for with it, we are building our own graves. Become whoever you want to becoming in the world.



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