Happy Birthday to Tolly

What an anniversary … 8th February is a happy day for many people in the world, some celebrate their wedding anniversary, some remember good things happened to them on the day. I have no record on the day personally but a friend Called Tolly.


She is been such of an inspiration to me apart from only being a friend, she encouraged me to face a lot and always there to back me up whenever I need someone to talk to… It feels good to have someone to listen to you despite being busy with their own life schedules.

I am really delighted to Wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many BLESSINGs to come her way all her life, May Almighty Grant you many hundreds years ahead to see your grand grand Children( I know you might be surprised if you can really get that old,with my wishes you will be)

I am really happy for you and I ask my other readers across the Globe to join me sing for her

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Tolly,

Happy birthday to you,

From good friends and true,

From old friends and new,

May good luck go with you,

And happiness too.

Happy Birthday to you…..

With the cake, let it give you love and true heart to friendship, strong heart to endure many challenges ahead towards life battles, as well as start a new beginning of life.


Embrace the beauty of life and make the most of it

My wishes to you are true

Life ahead of you is blessed

Have heart to love it

Have strength to face it

Have Love to make it look beautiful

Have a smile to it cherish you forever

Happy birthday to you

Make a wish for your birthday…

LASTLY I WISH YOUR BLOG TO PROSPER ( http://tollyzkitchen.wordpress.com/ )

By Felix Alex Massinda



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Tolly

  1. Woow!this is so sweet of you Felix,thank you so much,ohh,i love those added line in the birthday song,thank you for the wishes and one thing i promise is to Enjoy my life,just the way you said it.Glad you wished well TOLLYzKICHEN.Keep moltivating me,i need that energy to keep going.Love you big.

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