Self Esteem

I once had very low self esteem, I used to look at people round me and say, when am I going to be like them, I tried to change my life for so many reasons, I never trusted whatever I do to be perfect, whatever other friends around do was best for me, that killed a lot of my capabilities( came to realize later).

I devoted most of my time to spend doing nothing about me, do you even know what that means? I was so dependent, it was way back when I joined secondary form one 2003, The reason why; was because I did not know English language as perfect as other classmates.

I used to feel useless sometimes until I decided to compete learning and become good in both speaking and writing, after six month, I could make presentations and logical arguments well, it was one of the success that made me realize how many capabilities I had shut down when I was so depending.

Well, I am not going to spend my whole life blaming myself, other people, or situations. It is more important for me to spend my time changing for the better and become all I am capable of becoming.

I am going to focus on becoming the best person I can be, that is how I choose to deal with my situations, and I encourage you to do the same. Don’t play the “Blame Game” The past is gone, the future is what matters the most. Besides even if we did lay the blame for our shortcomings and low esteem on other people,situations, or even heredity, who is to say those conclusions are absolutely correct?

Today I want you to be the winner and courageous to raise your self esteem to where no one can stand you. Be yourself and be the master of your own choices in life.

By Felix Alex Massinda.


5 thoughts on “Self Esteem

  1. well said Felix.low self esteem is an enemy of self wellbeing.however,to some people low self esteem cames with horrible experiences they had in childhood,especially abuse.such people do need psychological help

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