Its About Character… Identity

It was the first day in college, I was delighted to be in such a big step I called success for I really wanted to be there one day. In education, when you are admitted to college you start to have a feeling of a grown up person, well I had that feeling. Everyone else seemed happy, smile all over their faces, I started to feel we all had the same feeling of being grown up.

As it was the first day in school everyone dressed very well, they all looked nice. My eyes couldn’t stop looking around how families escorted their children, I felt down a bit as I was alone but that did not matter so much.

As days moved on I started to notice some changes, we all see especially all who come from strict families or attended seminary schools, Its either People changed their  life styles or their true colors started to reveal themselves out.

I saw people drink a lot of alcohol, get laid, going to clubs, smoking cigarettes, some wore very roughly and short dress(mini skirts) some trousers were not worn perfectly, this does not mean I am too perfect, I have my weaknesses too. Some stopped living their lives and followed other, making groups that defines them if you know what I mean, people of the same characters.

A lot things changed, funny enough, all those who wear short skirts and tight trousers change when holiday time comes around, they get back to moral clothes they were brought wearing with their families.

Questions clicked my mind, why do people change time to time? people stop living their lives, they adapt others lives to be seen in the community,Why do we have to be pretend to be so rich while we have nothing at home, what`s worthy? what is so important in changing our character and looking to suit in another identity?

We don’t have to change out characters and identity just because others have more or less, I understand in the community we have people from good families that almost have everything they want, and those like us who don’t have everything we want when badly need them. We have to realize what we have and live with them to develop ourselves positively. To stop living our lives and pretend wont help us succeed rather buying shame in our on lives.

Live your life, despite being poor, neglected, an outcast, we all have life to hold on to. Changing will only make you incompetent and loose self confidence. Develop personal development depending on your life. Realize your worthy and live accordingly. Don’t let people put fingers in your face telling you, you`r not good enough to manipulate you change you character and identity. Every life is unique in millions way, Live you life.

By Felix Alex Massinda






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