Self Confidence

At times we all feel not worthy in front of people`s eyes, we feel inexperienced and at times we tend to hold back our dreams and ambition we have had or we keep having everyday. We let this happen mostly when we do know what to do.

We stop living our lives and live other people`s lives because we cant do so little for ourselves, instead of finding the way out, we follow their shadow. We tend to be slaves of life not because we want to be, because we don’t know what what do.

Self confidence is something everyone has inside, no one else will come around and give you that. you have to let yourself try things you get worried about and slowly on the line, you start getting what you desire.

You cant find it in one day but through daily life activities towards goal setting. Whatever you decide to do, do it right. Don’t think what other people think or talk about you, no one can perfect or install that Self confidence in you, its you and you alone can make it work.

If you don’t have Self Confidence, Start acting now and make it come alive in you. 

By Felix Alex Massinda.


2 thoughts on “Self Confidence

  1. This can sound funny, but I believe confidence begins with the walking. How you walk can tell how confident you if you are struggling with your self-confidence, I suggest you start by walking confidently. When you make a step, hit the ground hard ,let people notice that you are passing works

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