What life gives or takes is upon us to decide…

I apprehend sometimes we have to undergo difficulties to achieve what we need in life, everyone has plans I agree, might be good or bad to someone else who hears it out, that doesn’t matter as long as its all what you want…

Its not easy you plan to be a manager of your own company maybe and along the line, nothing works out, problems and obstacles block your way through to your dreams, at times they give us reason to blame life, creating conflict within us, not living our life because what we want isn`t what we get…

I definitely also understand that people we believe we can tell everything and rely on when we need them, are the ones who pushes us away or stub us from the back, when we realize that, we tend to loose because you feel unimportant, incompetent,worthless, used, as a bad luck, not cute, beautiful, handsome and all related word you can describe. What can you do when everyone is against you ? trying to pull you down? are you gonna stop and make them happy? hell no… That’s not what you are supposed to do, remember, REMEMBER, YOUR DESTINY IS NEVER ATTACHED TO ANYONE, No one you know will give you success but yourself.

In that case, we probably blame life for making us miserable, some thanks it for making them living their dream, I keep thinking, what I life that people dream? Why do people blame it if we are the ones living that life? without us there is no meaning of life right? I asked some people what is this thing called life, where is it found? The great answer I get is, “The way you live, the life style you choose, that’s life” again I thought if this life we live depends on the way and style we choose to live then why do we keep blaming life saying life has taken everything from me or on the contrary. That’s not how we are going to succeed, Life is our decision we make everyday, “SOMETIMES WE GIVE OUR ENEMIES MEANS TO OUR DEFEAT” yet we keep keep holding life accountable for the defeat, failure, insolvency? wake up and start living life the way you want it. No one is gonna hold you responsible for you own failure but yourself.  IF YOU NEVER STARTED LIVING YOUR  LIFE, WELL THIS IS THE MOMENT OF CHANGE, THERE IS NO TOMORROW. EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY, NO TOMORROW.

By Felix Alex Massinda


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