Hero Lies In You

If asked when is my favorite time during the last 19 years in my life, I’d say it’s definitely my high school. I say this not because I spent the whole 3 years hanging out with friends or made a band myself but because there’s no time like those 3 years where I could be that ambitious fulfilling my dream.

Let’s start from the beginning. There’re junior school and high school in China, both 3 years. Students will take a national examination to enter high school and after high school is the college entrance examination. As it known to all, Chinese great population makes it much harder than any of the countries in the world for students to get into a quality university, therefore it becomes extremely important to get into a nice high school first due to its high quality of education and supervise.

I failed the examination from junior to high, ended up entering a bad high school. How bad? I just found out 5 of my classmates chose to transfer to other schools and I got fight from my mom every day.

So I thought it’s time to change. I should make myself different from the others, I AM THE BEST. I swore to study hard in order to get into the best university in my country.

Soon I became famous due to my hard working at school. Even now I see myself crazy at that time…… Countless hours of studying, became efficient doing everything and even dropped the mobile phone. In just one semester my math grade jumped from C- to A and I really became the best around all subjects not only in my class but among almost all the students.

Though I got pretty good grades I didn’t become so-called bookworm, in the contrary I made lots of friends, even more than I made in my quality junior school. I blogged my life once a week, reporting my life and thoughts and those articles are still recognized as the most inspiring ones I’ve ever written before.

When you fall, no one’s help and no one can, it’s only you who can make yourself survived. Do not wait for the hero because the hero lies in you.

As for now, I’m studying in the third best university in my country and still want more.

By Yuki Sonn


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