Speak Out….Be heard

Hey Guys

Today i wanna share with you what had been disturbing my mind for quite sometimes, its about the power to speak out and be heard.

There is a point we all feel humiliated and trampled on, we clearly see our rights taken, bad enough we arent saying a word. We take things smoothly to point they even take the last coin in our pockets and we arent saying a thing.

Despite the so called democracy be put public, i dont care about it, i strongly say this because i dont see reason to fight for democracy if we keep giving our enemies the means to our own defeat. You stand on bank que someone else pass you stand infront of you and you keep quite. Fluctuation rise everyday still its all good for us.

When are you going to claim your rights? I can be very kind to listen to every one but i am not going to sit behind watching you stab me on my back.

Its time for each and everyone of us to stand to what we believe its ours… When you want something, go get it, despite the thorns on the way just go get what you want. We can have all ambitions we want to have in the world but we cant even talk about them, they will reamin a myth in our lives.

Read, seek knowledge, Make plans and Vision yourself in the last point of you dreams, how luck and happy are you gonna be, then strategise and speak out to whatever wrong you incur.

Speak out claim your right,stand on what you believe is a gift everyone has, just figure it out how to use it. Once you find it, you are the weapon no will ever stand against in the whole world.

Speak out and be heard, Be the voice of the voiceless.


By Felix Alex Massinda.


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